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    Specific Heat Capacity - The amount of energy needed to raise 1 kg of a substance by one degree Celsius.


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    Energy Website
    Forms of Energy Website
    Energy Conversions website
    Energy - The Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye
    Movie Notes


    Energy Flashcards for Chapter 9

    An Experiment

    How does heating a liquid Affect the temperature of the liquid?
    Title: the effect of heating the temperature of a liquid.
    Purpose:to determine what happens when you increase the temperature of a liquid by using a hot plate.
    Hypothesis: the longer the hot plate heats the liquid, the hotter it will be until it boils.
    Independent Variable:
    Levels of the IV:
    Repeated Trials: record each minute
    Dependent Variable:

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    Digital Citizenship - what does it look like?
    1. Respsonsibility- Independant and Hardworking, Know what is going on and be aware, Taking responsibility for your actions, Knowing what's right even when everyone else is doing the wrong thing, Your leading others, Doing the right thing when no one else knows about it, Doing extra things even when your not asked.
    2. Respectful- Don't discriminate against others, Be nice and kind to others, Show appreciation of each other, Make others feel fuzzy and warm inside(important), Value each others opinions, Stay open to others answers, Be humble and not boastful, Never ever write something critical of others.
    3. Being Safe- Don't give ANY personal information! Delete anyone you don't know that contacts you, then tell an adult. Don't be neive, be SMART! Don't believe everything you read! The delete key is your bestfriend. NO random surfing!

    Onlne Lab:
    Graphing Website

    What kind of function is the relationship between volume and pressure? Is it linear? No? Then what?

    United Streaming Movie - States of Matter
    Learn about Robert Boyle and Jaques Charles

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