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We're making podcasts in Science!

We're making podcasts in Algebra I!

Building movie


Propterties of matter movie #1.
Here is a movie on Properties of Matter

Science - Here is the density video clip.

Learning about Descriptive Statistics today in Algebra I. Click the link for a tutorial. How about those Eagles? Click here for some statistics! What can we learn from the Phillies Box Score? Here is a graph that we can analyze.
9/23/09 Lab Stations
  • area and volume use length.
  • millimeters are tenths of a centimeters.
  • 100 grams in a newton
  • si units weight are newtons
  • the si unit of time is seconds
  • 60 seconds in a minute
  • 50mL + 50mL did not equal 100
  • Density = mass/volume

it is important to measure to the nearest 10th if the scale shows 10ths.
always put units after measurement.
when you have a negative scale like on a thermometer be careful to read down from zero and not up.
be sure to determine whether the dividing lines are units tenths or two tenths.

imprtant notes:
length: it's important to know exactly what part you are measuring and small errors add up.
wieght: 295g/2.9N =101.7g/N
time: the center button on the stop watch sets the mode. the right button strts and stops the time. the left button resets the time.
volume: two volumes don't always add up because the particals are different sizes.
Make a Stapleless Book.
Make a comic strip.

Practice metric measurements! Here is a great website to help you!

Here is fun tutorial on the scientific method. Click on the link to the right when you first go to the page.

Measurement lead to the discovery of oxygen! Learn more by watching this video. You will learn about Antoine Lavoisier and Joseph Priestly. One made qualitative observations and the other scientist made quantitative observations.

Particle motion animation - click the link to see how particles of water move when they are heated!

Algebra I - use the balance pans to practice simplifying expressions!

Science -
si units- there are units of measurement. they can be volume mass or temperature, they are used by scientists all aronound the world.

Last year's students made this movie of our dye experiment:

What is a qualitative observation? An observation that involves Qualities.
What is a Quatitative observation? An observation that involves measurment.
Quizlet Game for Measurement
Metric Measurement Movie - Use this movie to review metric conversions. Use the password from class to access the web site. Scroll down to choose the segment on measurement or watch any part of the movie you like.

1. Get to know eachother.
2. Describe The World of Pysical Science and the Scientific Method
3. Relate the Scientific Method to Reading.
Here is a link to the Scientific Method movie. Use the password on the chalk board to access the movie.

Remember to bring a science binder.
Remember to bring a plastic ruler.
Bring a calculator.
Remember a pencil.
Bring a
get permission slip signed

Algebra Class
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