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Due Date:
My investigation is about (could be a question you want answered or a problem):
My project is on to she if a swim cap really effects your speed as your
swimning and why it does it or doesnt.
7th November
My hypothesis is (should be worded as a statement):
That when using a swim cap it will affect the your speed in the water becuase when using a swim cap it
will reduce the drag oh your hair causing you to go faster.
7th November
My references used to research the question:
http://coachsci.sdsu.edu/swimming/hydro/table.htm* Swim Caps are worn to provent drag in the water to make the swimmer faster.
  • Swim caps were started to be used in Competitived Swimming it the early 1980's
  • Swim caps were made to reduce the drag in water for swimmers instead of shaving their hair.
  • Hair on your body is attached to dead skin cells all over which can absorb water or make it hard for you to swim in water
  • By shaving or wearing a swim cap you are enabling more skin cells to fly right off, which then water will moves right past you easier
  • If you have alot of haiir then it could make you less aerodynamic.
  • Also wearing layers could help reduce drag.
  • Some Swimmers could not pull water becuase the hair had a big drag.
  • By Shaving body hair or wearing a swim cap your body becomes more hyperdynamic becuase water doesnt get caught in the texture of your body, it just flows right past you as you swim throught the water
  • Hairs create drag, and the friction between each hair and the water makes a swimmer have to work harder to move.
  • Study provd that shaving body hari or wearing a swim cap does indeed travel futher per stroke then they dis when not wearing a swim cap
  • Drag from the water is the primary obstacle for any swimmer
  • There are three main types of drag that act on a swimmer: friction, wave, and pressure drag
  • Swimmers often attempt to reduce drag by using swim caps, special suits, and shaving prior to competitions
  • Shaving is also a very common practice among swimmers, intended to reduce frictional drag
  • Frictional drag-is the result of the interaction between the swimmer’s body and the water molecules and serves to slow down the swimmer.
  • When swimming through the water, the body will undergo a retarding force due to resistance, or drag

7th November
Materials and equipment required to conduct my investigation:
  • A group of 4 girls and 4 boys
  • A timer
  • 8 different swim caps
  • A place that has a pool
14th November
My experimental design (the method you will use to test your hypothesis):

The effect of Swim cap or no swim cap on Time.

Purpose: To find if a Swim cap really affect your time in swimming by a big amount or not at all affects it.

Hypothesis: Wearing a swim cap will affect time of speed becuase it will reduce drag in the water making you go faster

Design Diagram

Independent Variable: Swim cap or no Swim cap

Levels of the Independent Variable
Swim Cap
No Swim Cap
Repeated 5
Repeated 5
Swim Cap
No Swim Cap

­­­5 Repeated Trials
­­­5_ Repeated Trials


Dependent Variable: Time

List of Constants: Pressure in room, Type of Liquid, Lenght Of Pool, Type of swim cap, Ages of Swimmers, Type of Timer.

1. Swimmer 1 will swim a 50 (2 laps) with wearing a swim cap
2. Start the timer when Swimmer 1 jumps of starting block and hits water
3. End Timer when Swimmer 1 touches wall were they started
4. Record Data In Notebook
5. Give Swimmer 1 10 minutes to recop
6. Now Ask Swimmer 1 to swim another 50 without wearing a swim cap
7. Start Timer when swimmer hits water
8. End timer when swimmer 1 touches wall they started at
9. Record Data
10. Repeat steps 1-9 with different swimmers


14th November ||
One thing im goning to keep the same is the boys and girls age and that they were on a swim team once in their life ||

21st November ||
Complete artefact for presentation:
  • Voicethread uploaded to wiki
  • Powerpoint converted and uploaded to Slideshare, posted on wiki
  • Photostory or Vegas video uploaded to TeacherTube and posted on wiki
  • Flip video uploaded to TeacherTube and posted on wiki
Make sure you include credits and complete list of References
5th December
What I am learning is that what science fair project to do and i have seen many I might do for example:
- Does a swim cap effect how fast you are in the water.

  • move slowly and as if with great effort
Sports Science-
  • Sport Science is a discipline that studies the application of scientific principles and techniques with the aim of improving sporting.
Swim Cap-
  • a silicone, latex or lycra cap worn on the head by recreational and competitive swimmers
  • travel through water
  • Having a shape that that is not adversely affected by wind flowing past it.

Today I will be conducting my experiment on seeing if the swim cap really does effect your speed